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A beautiful Day, Rain or Shine

Introducing Jasmine & A’shyia - truthfully one of the cutest couples I have ever met!  They share a bond people dream of, and many only get to watch or read about.  I met them on a real foggy day in February.  They were unable to see the picturesque view that you get on a clear day, and A’shyia couldn’t imagine what it could look like.  Jasmine suggested coming back on a clear day before they made a decision, and A’shyia replied, “I don’t need to see the view again because I am only going to be looking at you.”  At that moment I was introduced to their sweet personalities, and was eager to start planning with them! 

We had several meetings leading up to the big day.  They never felt like meetings though.  I felt like we were friends chatting away about an exciting time in one’s life.  March 25th arrives, and I was so excited to execute our plans! 

The room looked beautiful!  White chair covers with coral sashes around them, gorgeous flowers on the tables, and candles all throughout both rooms.  I couldn’t wait for them to see!  There was only one problem, it looked like rain was on the way.  I had some time to make the decision of moving the ceremony inside.  I was waiting for the ceremony chairs, and decided when the truck arrived I would make the call. 

I called it and moved the ceremony inside.  I thought they were going to be upset, but when I spoke with them they were both so calm about it.  The sun came out and I almost moved it back, but the ground was still soaked.  They told me later that they were glad it wasn’t outside, and they couldn’t have asked for a better set up!  I loved that even with the bad weather they truly loved it, and all of their guests left with smiling faces. 

I had an amazing time planning and executing their wedding!  

inside wedding

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