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Are You Prepared?

In my last Blog post I shared a little information about how summer is a great time to work on your game and also my student information form. All of this leads up to the title of this article, Are You Prepared?

We have the US Open in less than 2 weeks...it is the gauntlet of the majors...a test of patience, discipline, fortitude and in the end one person will stand with our National championship in hand.  It has been a great season of golf so far and the US Open at Oakmont should be a great contest.

Golf is a physical, technical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual game. To compete at that level you have to reach a high degree of synchronicity in all these areas.

You have to know yourself and your strengths and weaknesses and play your game.

To block out all the distractions and manage your emotions under the toughest conditions.

Most of you play for fun, for the social aspect, but we all want to hit good golf shots. It makes it more fun!

I focus on keeping the golf instruction simple and help you become your own coach. To identify a tendency or two you may have that you can correct that will help you hit better golf shots.

Having better fundamentals and technical mastery breeds CONFIDENCE, the big C. The mental aspect. When you are confident golf is more enjoyable.

Physically-Are you taking care of yourself both on and off the course...Exercise program, nutrition, rest.

Technically-Do you go for instruction, Is your equipment fitted

Mentally-Do you map out a game plan for your round, How your going to practice, Have off course issues handled(job, relationships etc...)

Emotionally-Handle bad breaks, slow play, react to a bad shot

Socially-Playing with different people in different environments

Spiritually-Why do you play? Is it just to be out in nature and you don't care about score?  You just like to practice and don't care about playing? You play with the same foursome every weekend? You love to compete in tournaments?

You just wanna have fun?

We all play for different reasons.

Bottom line is.....

Are you prepared?