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Extend to Hit Better Fairway Woods

A lot of players struggle with their fairway woods but need the distance these clubs can provide.  In order to get the best results with your fairway woods, you have to hit the ball exactly at the bottom of your arc. Working on keeping your left arm extended as much as possible will help do just that.  Instead of the dreaded chicken wing, we need to create extension and remain tension-free.   

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A good drill to help with your extension is the 9 o’clock to 3 o’clock drill. Imagine as you address the ball that you have a large clock in front of you. Keeping your left arm straight, swing only to 9 o’clock and then swing both arms straight to 3 o’clock. The point of the drill is not to swing hard or to make a full finish, it is to get you comfortable creating the extension you need to execute consistent shots with your fairway woods.  You can practice the positions in slow motion and then hit balls working on making the same swing.  Take that feeling  to the course and you'll see better results and take pressure off your short game.