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Putting (Hold the Finish)
A few key points to the putting stroke that will help hole more putts.
There are two main basic factors that influence a putt’s starting direction:
1. Face Angle

2. Club Path

We’ll start with the face angle, since studies have shown it has more than twice the importance of path.

The face at impact is responsible for approximately 83 percent of the ball’s starting direction. So let’s say you are hitting a 10-foot putt and your path is perfectly down the target line, not to the left or right. If your face is perfectly square, you will hit the putt at the center of the hole. If your putter face is one degree off (left or right), however, you will hit the edge of the hole on a 10-foot putt.
As far as path goes, I have found that most bad putters swing the putter to the left (if they’re right-handed) and cut across the ball with an open putter face. Most golfers also adjust their putter face to complement their path at impact. However, hitting putts with an open face makes the ball roll worse than the opposite, the closed putter face.
Is the rhythm of your putting stroke.
Is how well your mechanics come together with your tempo and in a proper sequence. What is considered “good” is a 2-to-1 ratio between Backswing Time and Time to Impact.
The most important term, however, is consistency. If you are not consistent with tempo or timing you will not have any feel. Your brain needs to have an idea of the pace that you swing the putter. This consistency gives you confidence, and that confidence allows you to commit to your line and roll the ball on that line with the correct pace. 

Good luck and hold the finish!