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The Florida Swing and Playing in the Wind

Well, now the TOUR moves to Florida and spring golf in Florida brings many challenges as you know from playing Sanctuary Ridge, WIND!

The first event in the "swing " is the Honda Classic and the dreaded "Bear Trap" holes 15, 16, 17. The Bear Trap includes two Par 3's hole 15 179 yds. And hole 17 190 yds. 16 is a 434 yard par 4.

The two critical holes are the par 3's especially hole 17. Water comes into play and the wind is always a challenge blowing diagonally.

For all of us players in the wind we have to take our time with club selection and swing within ourselves. Most golfers over-swing causing them to lose their balance and not make good contact. Also, when you over-swing you create too much spin and the ball will balloon in the air and the wind will have it's way with your shot. 

To set-up for a shot into the wind play the ball back in your stance and open up your stance to accommodate this. Grip down slightly on the club and use your arms and body to turn through the shot with an abbreviated follow through "punching" the ball or what's considered a "knockdown" shot a low boring shot into the wind so the wind won't affect it.

Have fun enjoying the beautiful spring weather and our challenging club Sanctuary Ridge.

I look forward to helping you play your best in any way that I can!