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Why Should You Get Fit for Clubs?

That is a great question, generally individuals who have a consistent swing will have a more accurate fit but also if you are extremely tall or short you will need clubs that are the correct length for you.

Other important factors to consider besides length, which the length controls solidness of contact.

Lie Angle-The proper lie angle of a custom fitted iron controls the direction of your shot.  If the club is too upright for you the ball will go left and if the club is too flat the ball will go right.

Shaft-Flex, Materials, and weight. The shaft is probably one of the most critical components of the fitting process.  Depending on your swing speed and impact conditions the shaft will determine the spin rate of the ball coming of the clubface in combination with the loft of the club.

Shaft technology has come a long way, steel has become lighter and lighter and the graphite shaft market has become much more consistent in their development process with much tighter quality control measures

Set Composition-Driver loft is very important.  Most golfers through my experience play with a Driver with not enough loft and too stiff or heavy a shaft. Limiting their ability to launch the ball high enough and get the maximum carry they are capable of.

The optimum launch window is between 11 and 14 degrees with 2400-2800 rpms of spin rate. This will allow you to carry your Driver as far as you can to maximize your distance.

Once you establish your maximum carry distance then you can work your way through the bag with your gaps.

I recommend for most golfers to go with a 4 wood 7 wood composition instead of the traditional 3 wood 5 wood.  The 4 wood is a little shorter shaft , smaller head, more loft, easier to strike than a 3 wood off the fairway.  The 7 wood is more versatile than the 5 wood off the fairway and out of the rough.

Then you can look at hybrids over longer irons.

Most of our shots are taken around the greens so it is important to look at wedges and your gapping with regards to PW, Gap Wedge, Sand Wedge.

The Putter-Everyone should have a putter that fits them with respect to length and lie angle. Offset etc...goes into aiming the putter and loft helps to determine how you roll the ball as well.

So as you can see there is a lot that goes into club fitting and I encourage all of you to take the time to use technology to your advantage before you buy your next set of clubs or that new Driver, Putter or set of Wedges.

Look forward to see you soon...